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Golf U.S. Flag Glass

Golf U.S. Flag Glass

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American Flag layout with golf balls, tees and clubs. This 11oz Rocks Whiskey Glass is sure to be a hit. A great gift for Golfers and Patriots alike. This whiskey glass makes a wonderful gift for whiskey lovers or anyone who appreciates top-quality products. Our engraved whiskey glasses include a wonderful collection of whiskey lovers and bourbon drinkers’ themes as well as motivating quotes. Each engraved 11oz glass set is etched on a top-quality glass. Glasses for all occasions or just for the heck of it… the perfect gift for all. All of our glass and crystal products are manufactured by sand-carving. Sand-carving involves using compressed air to force a stream of abrasive through a nozzle and onto the glass to etch or carve a design. Versatility and superior end results are the primary reasons for choosing this method for personalizing glass products. Glass is dishwasher safe.

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